Cinematic Virtual Reality

A New Universe
of cinematic experiences

Break through the screen and enter further inside the movie than ever before. Contraverse brings you inside the best immersive cinematic experiences that put you in the center of the action, standing shoulder to shoulder with the characters in the movies.


VR Content Production

Contraverse produces original VR content that is pioneering the evolving field of cinematic virtual reality storytelling. From engaging 360 visuals, to immersive spatial audio, Contraverse is paving the way for a new paradigm in storytelling.

Download the Contraverse app to stream or download the best cinematic VR experiences on all mobile and VR platforms including iOS, Android, Oculus, Daydream, Gear VR and Steam.

360 Video Streaming Platform

Virtual Reality Cinemas

The Next Evolution of Cinema - We are pushing the boundaries of cinematic VR exhibitions with the Contraverse Expo platform. This powerful tool allows you to connect unlimited VR headsets and control them from a distance for a synchronized VR experience. We are actively working on an end-to-end solution for VR arcades, cinemas, and film festivals to showcase immersive content. Learn more here.

Watch in VR

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